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daddyneedsagirl asked: im looking for my own baby girl... any ideas ?;-0

Maybe post something on your account saying that you’re looking for that special little one and maybe some one will send you a message

daddy i’ve been bad:/ i scratched the car so I felt like I had to make you happy some how:)

long time seriously no post. I havent been on much. daddy hasn’t been loving me lately): in a rut but hope to get on more. send some love to help me <3

peachykeenteen-deactivated20140 asked: Hi I am new to this trying to reach out

hello love, what ya reachin’ for? (; 

wildanddmoninant asked: What does is take for a man to bring out the real submissive side of a submissive?

it really depends on the person and what they like. for me, it’s scolding me when i’m “naughty” and threatening to punish me in ways i love. I usually accept my punishment unless if I’m feeling daring (; ha

I know I haven’t posted in a while but my queue ran out so I’ll add more to it tomorrow because Daddy and I are going to cuddle for the rest of the night.

I love my daddy so much. He knows how to take care of me well after a long night together…

Babygirl: *cuddles daddy while he runs his fingers through my hair and kisses my forehead*

Daddy: “Get some sleep babygirl”

Babygirl: “But Daddy, I want to stay up with you!”

Daddy: “I’ll be here all night holding you.”

Babygirl: “All night?”

Daddy: “All night.” *kisses my eyes as I drift off to sleep*


reblog and follow if you want me to submit a naked photo to you ;)

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For some odd reason it says I have a message but when I check my inbox is empty. Someone message me so I can see if I can receive messages please

should i start posting stories, or just stick to pictures? if i post stories they will all be original

i want to know how many of my followers actively look at my posts. just curious. inbox me anything if you read this so i know if it’s worth keeping up. c: please and thank you

i would love for my daddy to do this right now
please, please, please, please, please daddy, please! i need a playmate while you&#8217;re gone! i beg like a good little&#8230;.please?
she looks so little&#8230;but she&#8217;s the perfect size playmate for me daddy. please? 

“Will you please say it again, Daddy?”
Say what again, babygirl?
“…you know…”
“What? That you belong to me? That I own you?”
“Who does Daddy own?”
“Me, Daddy. You own me.”
“And you…?”
“Belong to you, Daddy. I belong to you.”
“And where my hand is? What’s that?”
“That’s my pussy, Daddy.”
“What was that?” *applying pressure*
*whimper* “I’m sorry, Daddy. That’s your pussy.”
“There you go…good girl.”